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Ton Reijnhoudt

CEO The Netherlands

Specialized in Research and Development concerning various elements within the Fashion industry for lifestyle Casual- and Sportswear.

Shirley Yeung

CEO Hong Kong

Driven factor of the organizational part within the company regarding production, communication and planning.


“Details are the most specific elements within every piece of clothing”; meet Ton Reijnhoudt, CEO of RRD The Netherlands and Shirley Yeung, CEO of the Hong-Kong based office. Two people with an unprecedented amount of passion. Ton who has been working, ‘trending’, creating, consulting and finalizing various collections for the most outstanding fashion-labels worldwide and Shirley, who has been thé organizational mainspring for a Fabric Mill for over 12 years. With her natural talent to organize ‘the everything’ between fabric Mill, garment Mill and the Dutch based office those two means energy and creativity where the Western and Eastern world meet each other at midnight. This is, in the world of fabric mail: empowering. With their wide range of experience within this industry, they are ready for business with you!

From the beginning till the end

  • Trends

    Fashion Forecast
    Fashion is trends! What is ‘it’ for the upcoming season? To keep our knowledge on track we visit, during the year, several International Fairs and plan various business trips to search for the fabric, lining, yarn and trimming trends. With this constant update we are more than able to advise you generally ánd customer focused. Looking for tailor made fabrics? With a broad worldwide network we do have the contacts both in Europe and the Far East to develop those for you. Where our Western and Eastern world meet each other at midnight, we are supporting you by developing a suitable collection for an international market.

    international fairs – sourcing trips – trendinfo

  • Fabric/yarn and trimming development

    Into our ever changing world continuous development means success! With passionate pleasure we fulfil an advisory role for the sourcing and developing of all fashion disciplines. For as well lifestyle in menswear, womenwear or the juniors, casual or functional and sustainable. You have your own entire new idea for your brand, label and/or collection? We have the resources and help you by finding what you are looking for!

    sourcing – development – conceptual

  • Fabric/yarn and trimming finishes

    “When we finish up, it’s time for refinish!”. This quote says it all: when the development part have been finished successfully the choice can be made to give a specific piece an entire new dimension. Worth trying! Think about double layers with direct coatings, functional films etcetera. Let us advice you, review existing collections on the endless possibilities and create smart, useful and surprisingly new refinishes!

    reviewing – refinish – improve

  • Garment finishes

    Last but not least: the favourite part of every designer: seduction by look! This part is extremely specific and differs for each piece of clothing. We back-up the designer and product manager by giving detailed and specific advises concerning the garment finish, by washing and dying consult. Bridges and introduction to garment mills, washing and dying mills can be made.

    advice – washing – dying – styling

  • Training

    Knowledge sells! We travel around the world to spread our knowledge and update yours. With general lectures about the process or detailed Masterclasses we tutor and advice staff, store employees and the design and productmanagement departments, we give trainings for students and show them the various steps with examples straight out of the industry in Europe and the Far East. Curious about the possibilities? Do contact us!

    training – lectures – masterclasses

  • Consultancy

    “Fashion starts with us!” RRD Consultancy has the knowledge, the network and the creativity to enrich your business in endless possibilities like: new product development, tailor made collection, colour consult, trend forecasting and design. We work with passion and sky high quality!

    network – knowledge – innovation – bridging – international

Office The Netherlands

Mail  ton@rrdfashion.nl

Nieuwendammerkade 24F
1022 AB Amsterdam The Netherlands
Phone       +31(0)6 481 394 02
Skype        ton.reijnhoudt

Office Hong Kong

Mail  shirley@rrdfashion.nl

Room A7 , 9/F Efficiency House
35 Tai Yau Street
San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hongkong

Phone       +852 97 22 68 55 / 53 68 38 17
Skype        shirleyff518